Fine Art Print, Black & White, Schwarzweiss


A beautiful Fine Art Print for your wall?


My pictures are all shot on either small (35 mm) or medium format (645 and 6x6) black and white film or more recently using digital cameras with full format sensor.

The film negatives are scanned and then worked on in Photoshop but only with regard to improving the tonality, contrast, sharpness etc. The images are not manipulated in any way (e.g. removal of disturbing elements, composing of different images etc.).


Digital Fine Art Print protected in a sleeve


The pictures are printed with Epson inkjet printers (using pigmented inks to assure long term image life) on Crane Museo Silver Rag fine art digital paper (manufactured to archival standards: 100% cotton, internally buffered to prevent long term environmental acidification and containing no optical brighteners which fade over time). 

All my images on the website are available as digital fine art prints in two sizes:

  • Print size A3+ (13 x 19 in), the actual image size is 37,5 cm (14.8 in) width
    (please note: the height is dependent upon the camera format, e.g. a 645 medium format photograph has has a height of 28 cm / 11 in, whereas a 35mm small format image is only 25 cm / 9.8 in high)
  • Print size A2 (17 x 22 in). Here the actual image size is 47.5 cm (18.7 in) in width

The edition size of digital fine art prints is limited to 10 images per print size.

Alternatively, all images are available as real darkroom prints on traditional Ilford fibre based (FB or Baryta) paper. In this process, the digital files are first printed as negative images on film instead of digital paper and then processed as contact prints in the traditional wet darkroom. The prints are selenium toned to assure longevity. This process takes more time, but the result is a fibre base print which  looks and feels just a notch above a digital fine art print. This is the most exclusive collector's print you can get!

FB prints are available on paper size 40 x 50 cm (16 x 20 in) only. The actual image size is 42 cm (16.6 in) in width. The edition size of FB prints is 7 prints per image.Fine Art Print, Black & White, Schwarzweiss

All prints are titled (image name, location, date), numbered (x/10 or y/7) and signed by me with a print marking pen with archival ink.

The prints are sent unmatted and unframed. Each print is well protected by a protective sleeve (Print File Presentation Pockets made out of high clarity polypropylene) and packaged in a cardboard envelope when shipped.

Prices are in USD, no VAT applies. Shipping cost charged separately.



Digital Fine Art print with image title, location and year, edition number and the artist's signature



There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.
Robert Frank