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We all depend on the various means of transportation to get from one location to another. Whether it is a bus, a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, a boat, a train or any other means of travel. Mobility is key in nowadays' society - whether it is for business or private purposes. And even if we decide to walk from one place to the next, we need a good path, dry weather and so on to arrive well and on time at our destination.

The following group of images shows people on their way..
Arcade ShadowShadow CarKids in a VWCar Full of PeopleCar and HorseSleeping in the TruckHands Up!Rushing byViva Cuba LibreCrossing the RoadSchoolgirlSanta ClausHow to Sell Anything to AnybodyWoman BeggingThrough the Car Window 1Mexican Street SceneMum and Daughter just out of the BusCrosswalkView from Hotel InglaterraThe Stair

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